AMV BBDO - AMV Academy


Over 12 minutes of video content was designed, produced, directed and edited by the LAB for the AMV Academy online submissions. Within 3 days of launch the video content has been seen over 12,000 times and counting.

Entirely produced in-house – from the shoot, editing, grading and graphics – this production required a huge amount of planning and a lot of learning but we’ve ended up with a project that we are all proud of.

This is the first time the LAB has undertaken a project of this scale that required this much in-house bespoke generated content. We didn’t hire in external skills for this project, instead we used the talent that we have and utilised their creative ability to make these videos come to life.

Below is a selection from this project. To see all the videos we produced including the three department films – please visit the website for AMV Academy via this link


    TIPS and QUESTIONS films:

  • Director: Katya Chitova
  • Design Director & Concept: Luiza Cruz-Flade
  • Motion Graphics: Harry Osborne, Luiza Cruz-Flade
  • Offline Editor: Katya Chitova
  • Edit Assist: Andrew Pegg
  • Sound: LAB Audio
  • Post-Producer: Luiza Cruz-Flade
  • Production Technical team: Sam Johnson & Christian Rye
  • Digital Producer: Phil Krafft
  • Account Manager: Amy Kilty
  • Creative: Luiza Cruz-Flade


  • Director: Jason McColgan
  • Motion Graphics: Gilles Bestley & Steve Wasas
  • Offline Editor: Tom Sorbie
  • Offline Editor: Dan Nisbet & Toby Aldridge
  • Edit Assist: Andrew Pegg
  • Sound: LAB Audio
  • Post-Producer: Jason McColgan